Top Weird and Funny Auditions of AGT 2015

America’s got talent is a popular television show, which runs on air to find the best of talents. In this process of finding the unusual hidden talent, there are many unwanted, weird and funny talents too, which come to the picture. This video is all about those weird acts, which will certainly bring a smile to your face.
There is a guy, who drinks a glass of milk in front of the audience and judges. However, this is not the complete fact. He drank the milk from his nose, not the mouth. And guess what, he took out all the milk from his eyes. This was painful to witness as well as weird.

A cute woman is seen acting and making sounds of different birds as well. Her performance was enjoyed by all as she danced in between as well on soft notes. It all looked like as a real bird was performing.
Then there is the robotic guy, who had a face of a child, a body of a muscleman and the lower body of a woman. He started off with stripping and that was unbearable.
Likewise, there are many more performers in the video, who will add a fun quotient to your life.

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