The Top Most Literate Countries of 2015 Worldwide

Education has always been a strong backbone towards the growth and development of any country. The records and historical data clearly show that the country which has the highest rate of literacy is always a winner in multiple fields. This is why so much emphasis is given over education and the awareness campaigns are conducted these days. Find out the most literate countries of 2015 below.
Finland and Australia are in the top ten lists for awareness in education with 39% and 38% literacy rate respectively. The government of both countries spends a good percentage of GDP towards education so that, people are well supported and guided in the right direction.
Top Most Literate Countries Photo Credit
Though the literacy rate of Russia has fallen by time, but it used to be on top in 2011, with 53%. Canada’s literacy rate stands good at 51.3%, with the government contributing 6.6% of GDP towards education sector.
Both United States of America and Japan are close enough in the literacy rate at 43% and 45.96% respectively. It is a basic rule of these two countries that, education is the must for every child.
The bottom line is that it is the government of a company that has to take the initiative towards this sector.

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