The Hazardous Roads of the World

There are several roads in the world, which are so dangerous to drive that, the chance of an accident becomes very high if there is a slight negligence. It is mentionable that there are roads where the drivers were all cautious, but still they lost their lives without their mistakes. Some of such roads are discussed below.
This road is more commonly known as the Atlantic Ocean road, which is located in the coastal edge of Norway. It comes in the category of National Road 64. This road is ideal enough for a road trip, but can be equally dangerous if there is slight slackness. The road is built on 5 islands and stretches up to 5 miles. It is said that the waves of the ocean are so high that, it can actually sweep you away from the road. Thus, it is better to avoid driving at this road in bad weather conditions.

Located in Japan and connecting two cities, this bridge is absolutely famous for its height and steepness. Though the bridge is just a mile long, but its gradient of 5.1% on one side and 6.1% on the other makes it one of the most treacherous roads ever. It is also known as the roller coaster bridge, with the kind of adventure driving in it.
Similarly, there are other roads in this video as well, which will amaze you completely. Take a look.

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