Some of the Largest Dogs in the World

There are different types of largest dog in the world, which have distinct growth pattern respectively. However, some of them are so big in shape and size that, they look like an elephant. These dogs are extremely dangerous and risky to be kept at home at the time. The animal rescue team has also banned some of the species in some regions of the world.

Hulk, the pit-bull is regarded as one of the largest dog species around. At the age of 1, this dog reached the weight of 170 pounds. However, with the abnormal growth, there have been various health problems found in their body related to orthopedic joint pains, cardiac issues etc.
Top 15 World’s Biggest dog breeds in the world. These dogs are just massive!

Veritas is a breed that Alexander the great used to carry with him at battlefields. It is heard that it is of extreme fighting nature and has also saved Alexander’s life various times.
Boomer the Newfoundland dog is regarded as the longest dogs ever. Normally, this breed averages around 28 inches of height, but boomer was 36 inches. With 7 ft. long, Boomer also holds the world record as a runner-up in the Guinness book.

Similarly, there are many more breeds, which are actually taller than humans and weight very heavy too. These dogs, when to appear in front of you all of a sudden, it can be a real nightmare.

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