Few Bizarre Moments in Boxing

Boxing is a kind of sport, where the risk of injuries is very high. Though the boxers, trainers and coaches take proper precaution, but still there is always a chance of damage. Here are some of the moments of this sport, which is quite weird. Watch the video finds out the various bizarre and uncanny moments in boxing.
In a match, the two boxers are fighting it out to gain more points. With time, the referee whistles to end the fight, but the boxers are still continuing beyond that. It was a scene as if they have some personal grudge within themselves, which was coming out.

Another clip shows that how a boxer’s forehead grew a swelling in seconds after it clashed with the head of the other boxer. This fast swelling was certainly because of a damage caused in an internal weak cell.
Mike Tyson, a well-known name in the boxing federation does something for which he is not famous for. In a match, he suddenly bites the ear of his opponent so badly that, immediately blood started coming out from it.
Finally, a crazy fan trying to land between the rings from a parachute goes totally wrong and the entire parachute crashes. With the pulling of the crowd, somehow he was injured so badly that, he lost his life.
These are some of the moments that should not have happened, but still it did.

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