Beware of the Goat Attackers around you

Normally, goats are considered to be calm and patient in nature, but if you take a look at this Brazilian goat video, you might get scared of them as well. It is simply because of the fact that in Brazil, a goat was found attacking the people on the streets. All of a sudden, this goat got weird and started targeting men and women both randomly. The attack was so intense and sudden that, it could cause serious internal injuries.
The goat was after its target unless and until it made it fall on the ground. Once a man or a woman is down on the ground, the goat is ready to find another victim. In few cases, men tried to shoo away the goat by counter-charging at it, but it went in vain. The goat initially took few steps behind pretending as if the man was successful in shooing it away. However, the steps backward were just to accelerate and it attacked again with double speed and finally knocked the man down.

In instances where people are trying to hide behind the trees or running away to find shelter, the goat is chasing its target everywhere. Take a look at this video to believe. It might look as a funny video, but you cannot take your eyes off the injuries and the pain caused.

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