Annual Cleaning of Alligators in Japan

Cleaning and maintenance work for a wildlife park is certainly a difficult task, but it is easily carried every year by Japan in unique ways. The Atagawa Tropical and Alligator garden are famous for its Annual Alligator’s Bath day, where all the crocodiles and American alligators are given proper shower by the working staff. They are cleaned thoroughly with the help of the long scrubbers and water sprinklers. They make sure that the animals stay in the good and healthy environment, which is actually good for them as well as for the visitors.
Annual Cleaning of Alligators in Japan 2 Image source:
The video will explain everything very clearly to you. There are the alligators which are up to 3 meters long in size and even weight around 250 kilograms. The cleaning staff makes sure that there is no harm to the animals and they do not face any problem with the cleaning process. At the same time, it is dangerous to give the bath to such wild animals, but the staff members are expert enough in handling things. They even take the necessary safety measures so that, everything goes fine.
It is said that when the animals are cleaned like this on a regular interval, their behavior and mood also remain good.

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